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Personal Values and Commitment

I have years of experience pushing our city electeds to provide equitable investments in our communities, support workers' rights, and ensure the residents benefit from development and investments. I am committed to being a councilmember for The People and ensuring supporters and critics that my goals are to not only improve life and livability in District 2 but for all of Sacramento City. My plan is to be a full-time representative and give D2 the attention and representation our residents deserve.

Policy Ideas and Goals

Affordable and Inclusionary Housing for All

Sacramento witnessed significant change when the Exclusionary Housing Ordinance was removed. It's time to reinstate it with greater housing protections.

Prioritize Workforce Development and Worker Needs

Labor Peace and Priority Hiring should be the cornerstone of our workforce development commitments. We need to honor workers and their needs.

Small Business Protections and Investments

Too many businesses are trying to recover and thrive since the COVID 19 pandemic. We must have a robust funding pool to protect their infrastructure and investments.

Support & Expand Youth Enrichment Activities

Non-traditional educational training, apprenticeships, and entrepreneurship are just a few ways we can intentionally invest in our youth. Expanding these programs in D2 is a top priority.

Continue to push for Anti-Displacement Policies

Some residents are  one check away from gentrification and displacement. I commit to pushing and supporting anti-gentrification and anti-displacement policies for residents and businesses.

Build and Leverage Partnerships to bring Equitable Growth to D2

From street improvements, water quality, and flood control, our county and district partners are integral to ensuring equitable service and outcomes. I am committed to building and expanding upon these relationships for D2 and Sacramento as a whole.

The bottom line...

We need long-term investment in our future. Increasing education and workforce training will help our community members be prepared for potential growth and investment. Everyone should benefit from development, not just the rich and powerful. I aim to work with the building and development community to ensure the residents impacted can reap the rewards too.

As a former teacher, school board member, and PTSO President, I know how integral investing in our youth is to our ability to compete in the future. Not only must we maintain the youth opportunities we have in parks, recreation, and enrichment, we must work without educational partners to expand on opportunities for them to fulfill their destinies and realize their full potential. One way to accomplish this is to work with our Community College, University, and Labor partners to bring extended learning and training programs to District 2. 

Additionally, D2 is a prime location to expand arts and culture. I have a number of plans to leverage existing programs and partnerships to make District 2 into an Arts and Cultural hub for Sacramento. Reach out for more details!

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