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TUES NOV 3, 2020

Values are a reflection of my leadership and belief system. Understanding broader community issues contributes to long-term and sustainable flood control solutions.


  • Affordable Housing Development

  • Campaign Finance Reform

  • Carbon-Free Neighborhoods

  • Community Benefits Agreements

  • Criminal Justice Reform/Anti-Recidivism

  • Decriminalizing Homeless

  • Ethics and Oversight

  • Fight for $15 Minimum Wage

  • Gender Equity

  • Green Technology Development

  • Historic Preservation

  • Inclusionary Housing

  • Justice for Black Lives

  • LGBTQAI+ Rights

  • Pathways to Citizenship

  • Rent Stabilization/Renters Rights

  • Single-Payer Health Systems

  • Universal Preschool

  • Women's Rights and Equity

  • Worker's Rights

  • Youth/Ex-incarcerated Apprenticeships & Training

Hello Friends and Visitors,

As your representative on the American River Flood Control District, I have fought to ensure the safety of ALL people in our district. To offer effective leadership, I have taken a forward-looking and comprehensive approach to flood control.

That might mean taking positions on issues that seem unrelated, but really aren’t. We don’t live in a vacuum, but are part of a community that includes people from all walks of life. 

Effective flood control leadership involves working with folks who enjoy biking, running, or jogging on the trails and parkways along the river, and ensuring they understand the role they play in staying alert and distant from work crews and machinery.

Flood control leadership means recognizing climate change is real, a result of years of neglect and exploitation of our natural resources. Leadership on flood control means educating community members that the practices and policies of the 1950s have had an adverse effect on our levees today.

Flood control leadership also involves working with residents, organizations, and leaders to address the root issues of homelessness, as many of the unhoused are living on our community’s river banks. Responsible and effective leadership on flood control responds by supporting rent control and just-cause evictions. Responsible and effective leadership on flood control supports transitional housing and a scaffolded approach to permanent housing.

Since my first day serving as your representative on ARFCD, I’ve come to the table with a broad and open view of what flood control leadership means in Sacramento, and I have been a leader that listens and has a commitment to solving problems. My top priority, both immediate and long-term, has been the safety and security of our families, our children, and neighborhoods.

That’s the kind of effective leadership we need for the American River Flood Control District, and I humbly ask for your vote to support my continued dedication and leadership. Please VOTE Nov.3

​With appreciation,

Tamika L’Ecluse

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Putting My Experience to Work

I am a life-long Sacramento resident, with fond memories of weekends along our rivers. I also remember flooded streets, school closures, and filling sandbags at a young age.


Sacramento is fortunate to have two beautiful rivers, bikeable/walkable trails, and caring communities. These qualities come with great responsibility.

I joined the American River Flood Control District in 2019 with the intention of using my teaching experience and neighborhood advocacy to represent North Sacramento communities, including our home, Del Paso Heights.

While serving as an American River Flood Control District trustee, I realized I could make an impact on other ways, including

  • Prioritizing solutions to homelessness while ensuring the safety and structure of our levees

  • Increasing our relationship with all communities through intentional outreach and communication

  • Ensuring our workers had the necessary protections before and while we face the COVID-19 epidemic

Trustee responsibilities go beyond the act of being prepared for emergencies. We must be compassionate to all members of society, advocate for equitable policies, and continue to partner with neighborhoods on collective flood safety and preparation.

I ask for your support in electing me to continue serving on the American River Flood Control District. Please consider donating and sharing with your networks. I look forward to continuing to serve Sacramento. 


Meet the Sacramento Squad: Four locally elected progressive women of color come together in light of recent uprisings

By Monica Stark

Photo By Stephen Crowley


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